Christian Life Children's Centre adheres to the "Active Play" British Columbia Director of licensing standards policy.

Active play helps to promote healthy growth and development and supports body control and movement.  Active play builds strong bones and muscles, improves balance, coordination and assists with the development of gross motor and fine motor skills.  It also helps to promote children's confidence, improves concentration, thinking and learning skills and provides opportunities to develop social skills.

These may include developing creativity, resolving conflict in peer groups, social interaction skills, conquering fears and building resilience to face future challenges.

Active Play activities at Christian Life Children's Centre are provided through Outdoor and In-door facilitated and un-facilitated play through programs such as:

  • Skating, swimming programs
  • Natural Outdoor Playground
  • Local Parks, Forests
  • Field Trips
  • Outdoor games/sports
  • Gym organized activities and child led free flow play