Our Philosophy

Each child has great value:

Christian Life Children's Centre is a home away from home. We believe that children are important individuals and should be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of race, beliefs, or individual diverse abilities and needs. All children need to be loved, nurtured, and guided to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially in the best way possible. 

The staff's role:

Christian Life Children's Centre believes that "play" is the primary learning medium for children. Therefore, children are provided with many play-centred activities to encourage exploration, curiosity, and social interaction. The staff strive to be supportive, gentle and encouraging, working to build the child's self-esteem. Reasonabl limits are set and the children are provided with a secure, clean, bright, cheerful, and loving environment. All staff are qualified and meet the requirements etablished by government licensing agencies. 

Our belief:

We believe that God reveals His personal self through creation, the Bible, and the life of Jesus. In order to have a personal relationship with God, a person must believe that God exists and that His Son, Jesus Christ, is the way to know God. Here at CLCC, the Christian ethic is followed. Children hear both secular and Bible stories, sing a variety of secular and Christian songs, and pray before meals. 

The family:

Children are encouraged to respect their parents and love their families. Each family's differences are respected and staff will work together with parents to uphold values that will build a strong community.